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Graphic Design

According to studies, a well-designed website can improve your engagement time by 84% and overall revenue by 132%?

Appearance matters more than you can imagine. This is why brands spend millions of dollars globally on graphic design services in a quest to make their brand look more attractive and distinctive. Around 19% of brands worldwide spend over $10,000 annually on graphic design.

A good design can make or break a brand—as it has the power to either complement your content & message or misplace your positioning by wrongly portraying your message.

At Silyal, we offer graphic design services that focus on creating visually and aesthetically pleasing digital products and making them look credible, easy to navigate, compatible, and responsive.

What Is Graphic Design?

Visual appeal goes a long way when driving engagement. It’s been proven that visual content, images, and graphics attract a more interactive and stimulating user experience. This is why brands spend enormous amounts of money developing visually appealing content.

Graphic design is the art and execution of projecting, communicating, and displaying your ideas and experiences in a visual aesthetic that fits your overall premise.

Graphic design is one of the primary needs for any brand to call itself a brand—because how else can you differentiate yourself from others if you’re not unique from a visual perspective. The color theory, layout, imagery, and composition are important in creating a consistent branding identity in the already-cluttered market.

At Siyal, we offer top-tier graphic design services for brands of all sizes and identities—catering to all your visual needs. From logo and brand kits to UI/UX, our proficient, creative, and highly experienced designers curate stunning imagery to illustrate your brand’s message.

Why Do You Need Graphic Design Services?

A brand cannot become distinctive without the help of a professional graphic design service provider who aligns the visual palette and imagery with the brand’s identity, positioning, and marketing goals. Without design, you can’t:

  • Have a high-quality, professional appearance that invites people to be serious about purchasing what you offer.
  • Communicate your message more effectively as visual aids enable your brand to convey your intended message with the context and ease you want to deliver.
  • Stand out in the market as your visuals play a pivotal role in differentiating your brand visually in the crowded marketplace.
  • Promise a user-friendly experience because a good design projects the information in an easy-to-understand and engaging style.
  • Drive engagement, as people are visual creatures interacting with what crosses their attention barrier and captures their interest.

Having the services of a professional graphic designer is not just about making things look pretty but also helping you build a distinctive brand and communicate with your audience effectively to drive engagement.

What Are The Key Elements Of Graphic Designing?

An effective 360° social media marketing strategy comprises the following subset of services that synergize together to skyrocket your organic growth, reach, and brand value on social media platforms. Silyal offers:

Logo Design Services

A logo is a symbolic representation of what a brand stands for. That unique element encompasses the entirety of why your brand exists and usually serves as the first point of contact with your user. Having a memorable logo makes your brand distinctive and helps you stay in the mind of your end user.

At Silyal, we create logos that aren’t just symbols that complement your brand name but also represent a concept that presents your unique advertising proposition and the culture, values, and ideals your brand preaches. Our logos are built around the following:

Memorability & Uniqueness


We ensure that your logo is out of the box and incredibly distinctive so that you can differentiate your brand on a symbolic level. Moreover, having a unique logo helps your brand become memorable—increasing your brand recall and accurately positioning your brand in the minds of your consumers.



At Silyal, we create logos that adapt, interact, and align seamlessly with all the marketing channels and platforms—whether a digital advert, a social media banner, or your website’s footer.



The most important element of designing a perfect logo for your brand is to make it relevant and consistent with your brand ideals and identity and create something that stands the test of time. At Silyal, we design logos that do not need to change or are frequently revamped as your brand scales.



Whether you’re looking for something flamboyant or snazzy, or you’re looking for something sleek, sophisticated, and minimal, our insanely creative graphic designers create logos that match the tone and persona of your brand.

A logo is a symbol or unique emblem that reflects and communicates your brand’s essence, but a brand kit is much more than that. It is a common and consistent set of design elements that will be reflected and extended in everything you create—acting like a set of broader visual and stylistic guidelines.

At Silyal, we create exceptional brand kits that help your branding strategy stay consistent and memorable, no matter what content and platform you use. Our brand kits include:

Color Pallets


Colors play an important role in your visual branding. Thus, to keep your brand memorable, you need to attach yourself to a consistent use of color schemes, no matter what you create. At Silyal, we establish primary and secondary colors that resonate with your brand persona with exact color codes to create visual uniformity in everything you create.



Fonts are an important visual element that needs to be consistent throughout the message you’re putting across. These, too, help brands project a tone of the brand identity and complement the content. We assign the font family that goes with your brand positioning and use it consistently to have a uniform tone attached to your brand communication.



Icons complement your textual or visual message, and our brand kits include specific designs for the most frequently used icons to create visual cohesion across all your marketing channels.

Usage Guidelines


We also provide detailed guidelines on how these elements will be used, with the necessary dos and don’ts to guide your creative team.

UI/UX Design Services

Experience is the keyword of digital marketing products. Everything you offer to your users must provide an experience with the right balance of functionality, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. If you miss one element, your entire product goes to waste.

UI/UX Design services are all about that visual, aesthetic appeal blended with responsiveness and ease of use. It is about creating a visual interface that delivers an exceptional user experience.

At Silyal, we offer UI/UX design services to design your brand’s websites, mobile apps, portals, etc, that are both visually aesthetic and user-friendly—making it a pleasant and helpful experience interactive experience for your clients. Our UI/UX design services include:

Visual & Interactive Elements


We design consistent, aesthetically pleasing elements for your digital product with a visual language that resonates with your brand persona. We use the right color schemes, font styles, imagery, iconography, responsive and intuitive sliders, buttons, and links to keep all your elements appealing and interactive.

Layout & Structure


We curate well-structured digital products using a logically organized layout so your users can easily navigate and interact with your offerings. With everything in its proper place, not only does it streamline the entire operation, but it saves time, hassle, and extra cognitive effort to drive value from the product.

Wireframing & Prototyping


We design wireframes and prototypes that look at your digital product’s entire layout and structure and then test it for user flow so there is a logical progression between steps. Then, we refine the prototypes over several iterations based on the users’ feedback.

Accessibility & User Friendliness


We ensure that your digital product is accessible, compatible, and easily usable to all your users. We follow accessibility standards and make your digital products incredibly user-friendly so users can make the most of it.

Social Media Design Services

Social media thrives on engagement; an aesthetically pleasing design can do wonders for you. The visual beautification and clarity a good design brings to your social media banners, covers, carousels, stories, reels, ads, and post templates contribute significantly to your content’s engagement.

We also utilize in-trend design practices, memes, and platform-specific functionalities to easily connect with your target audience. Moreover, we ensure that all our designs are mobile-first, as people majorly use social media applications using a mobile device. Our social media design services include:

Instagram Design Services


We focus on visually appealing images, stories, and reels and capitalize on some of Instagram’s most influential and unique features. This includes carousel posts, IGTV for longer videos, and story highlights to communicate effectively to your followers.

Facebook Design Services


We create engaging Facebook posts and cover photos and design exceptional advertisements. We understand the different ad formats Facebook offers and curate designs that align well with your target audience and brand persona.

Twitter Design Services


For Twitter, now known as X, we design catchy and sophisticated visuals that can capture a quickly changing Twitter field. We design in-tweet images, gifs, and short video clips that can boost your engagement on this platform.

LinkedIn Design Services


For something as professional and sophisticated as LinkedIn, we design more of a polished appearance and feel for images, banners, and sponsored content. Visually, we can create a desire for engagement on Linkedin to help you easily bag B2B leads and create a positive brand image.

Metaverse Design Services

The Internet will soon be transformed and iterated into a new, immersive environment that is popularly known as the metaverse. It is a virtual space that replicates the concept of social media and the web into a computer-generated, artificial environment, and users can react, interact, and navigate it using the required hardware and software.

At Silyal, we offer design services for digital brands looking to create an entity in this virtual reality—digitally representing its market offerings to people. Our Metaverse designing services include:

3D Asset Creation


Our creative designers can create 3D models of various objects, characters, and environments with exceptional attention to detail—so that users can interact with your brand seamlessly.

Virtual Environments


We can design highly engaging and immersive virtual environments that could help people explore, interact, and engage your brand from a social perspective.



Metaverse lets you represent yourself through different avatars, tweaking and customizing your appearance and look how you want yourself to look. At Silyal, we can design impeccable avatars that extend your personality and desires.

VR & AR Optimization


As virtual and augmented reality is gaining traction for blurring the lines between real and unreal, all your designs and brand entities must be optimized for this immersive space. At Silyal, we ensure that your graphics are of high quality yet are responsive and interact smoothly so that your users experience something very close to natural.

Graphic Designing Services

What Are The Benefits Of Graphic Design Services?

An aesthetically pleasing visual representation of a brand contributes to its success in ways you cannot imagine. That’s why at Silyal, we believe design to be one of the most powerful playgrounds to help boost your brand’s engagement and conversion ratios. Having us on board will lead you to:

Professional Look & Credibility


We can design your digital products with a professional touch, helping them make a good first impression. We ensure that your digital entities look sophisticated and highly credible so that the user interacts with you comfortably.

Visual Consistency


A consistent approach toward design ensures that people can easily recognize and recall your brand by tracing back your color schemes, typography, layout, and style. This helps your brand become more memorable.

Effective Communication


A good design not only looks good but communicates effectively. At Silyal, we design digital products that translate your message perfectly, simplifying complex information via charts, infographics, and illustrations.

Boosted Visibility


A good design helps you stand out in the market. At Silyal, we create that element of uniqueness in the visual representation of your brand and market offerings that helps you differentiate yourself from your competition and gain boosted visibility due to an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Higher Conversion Rates


Well-designed CTAs capture the attention of your end-user and play a key role in getting a response out of the interaction. At Silyal, we ensure that your design actively and passively contributes to boosting your engagement, ultimately improving your conversion rate significantly.

Better User Experience


Good graphics make the user experience pleasurable and worthwhile. A good UI/UX design and ease of navigation help attract more people to visit and interact with your digital products while signaling search engines to rank you at the top because of your quality of experience.

Let Us Make Your Brand Visually Spectacular!

At Silyal, we help your digital products offer a visually pleasing experience to your users.

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    The cost of graphic design services varies depending on the project’s complexity, the designer’s experience, and their location. Expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $200 per hour for graphic design services.

    There are a few ways to find a good graphic designer, including asking for recommendations, searching online, looking on freelance websites, attending industry events, and reviewing the portfolios of potential designers.

    When interviewing potential graphic designers, ask about their experience, portfolio, rates, availability, process for working with clients, and how they handle feedback.

    Tips for working with a graphic designer include being clear about your goals and expectations, providing feedback early and often, respecting their time and expertise, paying them promptly, and providing clear communication and collaboration.

    A color palette is a set of colors that work well together to create a cohesive and recognizable brand identity. There are a few different ways to create a color palette, including selecting a base color, choosing complementary colors, incorporating colors associated with your brand’s values, and using a tool like Adobe Color or Coolors.

    The typefaces you use can significantly impact your brand’s overall look and feel. Factors to consider when choosing typefaces include readability, personality, consistency with your brand identity, and availability across different platforms.

    Best practices for using typography in graphic design include using a hierarchy of fonts, using different fonts for different purposes, using negative space effectively, aligning the text properly, and maintaining a consistent style throughout your design.