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Content Marketing

Do you know that around 77% of digital consumers thoroughly investigate and research consuming content online before making a decision to purchase?

With such a heavy influence and power to convert curious bystanders into life-long consumers of your product offerings, content is the undisputed king of the contemporary digital world. Around 76% of marketers use their content to generate leads!

Also, content is the key to ranking at the top of SERPs and bringing you convertible traffic. Even though search engines index and consider your website’s images, infographics, and UI, high-quality content is the top ranking factor that could make or break your brand.

So today’s challenge is not only to create value-adding, informative, and unique content from the reader’s perspective but also to ensure that search engines display our content to our target audience.

At Silyal, we offer holistic content writing and marketing services that inform, stimulate, and persuade your visitors to become loyal customers.

What Is Content Marketing?

Your website and social media profiles may act as the digital storefronts for your brand, but content is the message you want to deliver to your target audiences—what your brand has to say.

Content is how you inform and persuade your audience about what your ideals are, what your tone is, what your offerings are, and how you can add value to your clients. Your content strategy is crucial in developing your brand’s topical authority, relevance, and recognition in your niche.

This is why marketers capitalize on content marketing services to access three times more leads than other traditional marketing channels, with less than 62% of the overall budget.

Content marketing is the process of curating, strategizing, optimizing, and distributing high-quality content to boost your online engagement and attract, retain, and sustain a well-defined target audience across all platforms.

Content marketers use the art and science of storytelling, backed by a data-driven approach, to convey your message to all your stakeholders, maintaining a consistent tone, style, and delivery that resonates with your branding.

At Silyal, we house a team of proficient wordsmiths who craft compelling narratives for your brands that make your message unforgettable and immortal in print.

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing?

Content helps you narrate your story, journey, and the solutions you offer in an emotive, persuasive, critical, empathetic, or informative style. It is the key element that everything your branding revolves around—every other digital marketing endeavor needs content to make it relevant and successful.

  • Without content, your branding is pointless because you have no story to tell.
  • Without content, where will you put the keywords and meta tags?
  • Without content, what will you make images and infographics around?
  • Without content, what will you showcase on your social media profiles?
  • Without content, what will you backlink?
  • Without content, what will you build your advertising around?

Content opens your door to selling opportunities because no one will buy from you until they know what you have to say.

What Are The Key Elements Of Content Marketing?

An effective 360° content marketing strategy comprises the following subset of services that synergize together to bring your story, market offerings, and message across the web, social media, and all marketing platforms. Silyal offers:

Web Content Writing Services

Your websites are a visualization of what your brands stand for, and the content you post on your web pages is the essence of your brand’s message.

This is why any writer who is worth their salt understands that web content writing is a complex, challenging, and procedural process that requires creativity, attention to detail, and rigorous research to create something spectacular.

Moreover, with so much repetitive, fluffy, and thin AI content widespread over the web, you need organic handwritten content that delivers your message with uniqueness and originality.

At Silyal, we offer comprehensive web content writing services with a team of versatile website content writers specializing in common and uncommon niches. Our wordsmiths deliver technically sound and data-backed, balancing industry specificity and creative insight.

Our website content writing is:



Ensuring all your headlines, slogans, and taglines in your banners and CTAs are out-of-the-box, clever, and catchy at the same time.

100% Original


We come up with everything handwritten, with a human touch that differentiates your content from other repetitive AI content dumped on the internet.



Curating content that speaks one-on-one with the reader, following a conversational and narrative style that boosts engagement.

Value Driven


Focusing on highlighting benefits and value by depicting how everything we do can help you in all the different ways.

Informative & Statistical


Citing and referencing expert insight, key data, and statistical evidence to back our narrative.



Ensuring all our formatting, paragraphing, and layout fits your user interface and not only reads well but looks flawless, too.

Copywriting Services

Every word you put in is an opportunity to convince and inspire the reader to make a decision that aligns with your organizational objectives. Every sentence you come up with and every statistic you quote has the power to influence your audience to slide in your DMs.

Copywriting is writing content that persuades the reader to take action. It helps the audience interact with your sales funnel and guides their journey throughout the buyer’s decision-making process.

Brands require powerful copywriting that sparks the curiosity in their target audience, gauges attention, and creates a desire to take action. It’s about writing phrases and catchphrases that convert and close your customers in print.

At Silyal, our creative, persuasive, and industry-specific copywriters have a strong knowledge and understanding of the consumer psyche and their trigger points. They create copies that sell hard, with a degree of subtlety and grace—making every sentence act as an irresistible hook.

Our copywriting services add up the following elements while creating engaging copies for your brand:

Creativity & Persuasion


Creating the right balance between creativity and precision, using power words to deliver persuasive narratives without sounding desperate.

Authenticity & Personalization


Keeping it original, user-centric, personalized, and humanized, ensuring that your copies are fresh, conversational, and deemed trustworthy.

Targeting Painpoints


Addressing the prevalent concerns, issues, and struggles with empathy and relatability to connect with your audience and cater to their needs.

Using Frameworks


Using PAS, AIDA, and other popular copywriting frameworks to methodologically cater to audience psychology and trigger a positive response.

Search Optimization


Ensuring the copy is persuading, informative, and optimized for search engines for added visibility.

Holistic In Nature


Capitalizing on other complementary elements that make your copies more attractive and engaging, like formatting, design, user interface, and colors.



Bringing a sense of urgency by highlighting benefits and aligning your CTAs with promised solutions with finesse and creative insight.

Article Writing Services

While blogging is more conversational and sometimes informal, article writing is preferred for sophisticated brands that put forward a highly professional brand identity, such as B2B companies.

This is why many brands capitalize on articles as a key source for publishing their research, technical data-driven case studies, and even white papers. Articles allow you to present your case in an academic and structured style with proper statistics and data to back up every single claim you make.

While blogs enable you to put forward your views, articles are written to make your views agreeable and universal using solid evidence.

At Silyal, we offer meticulous article writing services to convey your message to your target audience in a systematic, structured, and data-backed style. Our article writing contains:

Short & Sweet Headlines


Creating keyword-rich, captivating, and engaging headlines that persuade the reader to continue reading.

Keyword Optimization


Optimizing the article with focus keywords and LSI keywords to gain more visibility on search engines.

Heading Optimization


Optimizing the headings with proper H1, H2s, and H3s to structure the entire article for both readers and search engines.

Meta Tags Optimization


Using meta titles, meta descriptions, and alt texts with SEO keywords, offering you comprehensive on-page SEO coverage.

Proper Citations


Citing all the information with verified and highly credible sources. Examples, statistics, expert insights, quotes, and social proof could include this data.

Images & Infographics


Utilizing high-quality images and highly informative infographics where relevant to add more value to the message and appeal of your article.

Valuable Links


Using external links to let the reader access more helpful content and utilizing internal linking to lead them to other relevant pages on your website.

SEO Content Writing Services

High-quality content automatically ranks—isn’t that something we’ve repeatedly heard of? Though it is partially true, there is a need to optimize your content for SEO to a certain degree to ensure the results are in your favor.

Because anything that is meant to be accessed using a search box needs to be optimized to appear in those search results. After all, what is the point of creating content that no one reads because it never reaches your potential audience?

SEO content writing adds a layer of digital visibility to your content with on-page optimization techniques and aligning your content with Google’s E-E-A-T policies. So not only do we focus on creating your message, but we also endeavor to ensure that your voice cuts through all the noise and is heard by the right people!

At Silyal, we have a team of SEO content writers who write captivating, engaging, and creative content that aligns with all the key SEO principles—writing content that both humans and spiders (Google’s crawlers) love equally.

Our SEO content writing services incorporate the following elements while crafting content for your websites:


Meta Tags Optimization


Optimizing your content with meta titles, meta descriptions, and tags.

Keyword Optimization


Ensuring your focus keywords and LSI keywords are naturally incorporated and well distributed throughout the content.

Heading Optimization


Optimizing your content into proper H1, H2s, and H3s so that the crawlers find your content more helpful and indexable.

Internal and External Linking


Adding relevant and value-added outbound links and capitalizing on all internal linking opportunities in the content.

Image Optimization


Ensuring all your images have the right title, description, captions, and alt texts so you can also rank in image search.

E-E-A-T Optimization


Aligning your content with Google’s guidelines, ensuring it is experience-driven, expert-written, authoritative, and trustworthy to the readers.

Conversion Rate Optimization


Constant update of your content to keep it fresh and optimizing it further to ensure it sustains and improves the ranking.

Blog Writing Services

Blogging provides authors a flexible avenue to offer insights, personal commentary, guides, and reviews.

Previously started web blogs (websites that only featured blogs) dedicated to individuals, blogging has become a contemporary digital marketing need for brands to create engaging, meaningful, solution-oriented content that helps readers by offering value.

Nowadays, several brands have a dedicated blog space to post this informative content, primarily focusing on their target audience’s challenges instead of trying to sell them a product or service aggressively.

This soft technique boosts your website’s traffic. Eventually, it could reward you with potential sales—as the readers trust, credit, and admire you for providing them helpful content without charge.

Also, ranking a product or service page might be difficult for newer sights because of intense competition. Blogs help them target sub-niches for relatively less competitive topics with a higher word count, and due to this referral traffic, people can stumble upon your service pages and actually purchase.

At Silyal, we offer value-driven blog writing services that could generate rankings and traffic for your website and boost your brand awareness, product/service portfolio, and loyalty.

Our blog writing services ensure that every piece we curate for your website contains the following:

Strong Titles & Hooks


Creating keyword-rich, captivating, and engaging titles and hooks that persuade the reader to continue reading.

Keyword Optimization


Optimizing the blog with focus keywords and LSI keywords to gain more visibility on search engines.

Heading Optimization


Optimizing the headings with proper H1, H2s, and H3s to structure the entire writeup for both readers and search engines.

Meta Tags Optimization


Using meta titles, meta descriptions, and alt texts with SEO keywords that give you comprehensive on-page SEO coverage.

Evidence & Research


Backing up opinions, narratives, and reviews with examples, statistics, expert insights, quotes, and social proof.

Images & Infographics


Utilizing high-quality images and highly informative infographics where relevant to add more value to the message and appeal of your blog.

Valuable Links


Using external links to let the reader access more helpful content and utilizing internal linking to lead them to other relevant pages on your website.

Powerful CTAs


Curating powerful and actionable CTAs that persuade the reader to interact with your brand and eventually be a part of the funnel.

Social Sharing & Comments


Creating and allowing shareable/bookmarkable content on all social media platforms, with a lively comments section for user-generated content opportunities and community building.

Content Marketing Services

What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing?

Brands cannot simply exist without content marketing. Period. Content marketing is the most important element of your branding; without it, your branding will never make sense to your potential audience.

Among countless well-known benefits of content marketing, such as increased brand visibility, lead generation, and audience engagement, here are some others:

Rankings & Traffic


Not only does content help you rank at the top of search engines and unlock gigantic relevant traffic that you can later convert into customers, but content marketing also helps your brand sustain these rankings for a long period, automatically generating and directing leads to your brand without much effort.

Topical Authority


Content marketing helps you develop topical authority in your niche, making you a go-to expert for all problems your product/service portfolio eventually promises to solve. This makes your brand more credible in the eyes of search engines and people alike.

Customer Retention


Content that helps, informs, and educates people without charging them anything makes you look less desperate to sell and aim at the wallets and makes you a genuine problem solver that boosts your customer retention rates by a significant margin—offering lifetime value.

Influencer Relationships


High-quality content doesn’t only attract potential customers. It also attracts thought leaders, industry peers, and influencers who offer collaborative opportunities to synergize and co-capitalize on diverse shared audiences.

Employee Advocacy


When your brand comes up with valuable, helpful, and solution-centric content that people like to bookmark and share, your employees are motivated to be a part of a brand that the community loves—making them your brand advocates who amplify your reach.

Community Building


Good shareable content not only works on your employees but also makes your customers unpaid brand ambassadors who share and propagate your message without any financial incentives but purely out of brand loyalty.

Cost Efficiency


Content marketing has proven to be extremely cost-effective compared to other traditional forms of advertising, as it is a long game with your initial investment continuing to yield results for an elongated period with minimal marketing efforts and almost no abnormal marketing expenditure.

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    Content writing is creating written content for an audience, while content marketing is a broader term encompassing planning, creating, and distributing content to achieve marketing goals.

    Benefits of content marketing include improved brand awareness, increased website traffic, lead generation, customer loyalty, and improved search engine rankings.

    Different types of content marketing include blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, social media posts, email marketing, white papers, and case studies.

    To create effective content marketing, define your target audience, identify your content goals, create high-quality content relevant to your target audience, and promote your content through various channels.

    To measure the success of your content marketing, track website traffic, social media engagement, lead generation, sales, and customer satisfaction.

    Some of the best tools for content marketing include Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Canva, Hootsuite, and BuzzSumo.

    To learn more about content marketing, visit the Content Marketing Institute, Copyblogger, or Search Engine Land.